In this blog I will try to write down some of my experiences and observations of doing experiments with Viking age and Medieval food. Knowing myself there will probably be some unforseen breaks in my writing and some semirelated thoughts about food.

For those of you that do not know me;

I am Daniel Serra, PhD student in archaeology – the Viking age food culture – and somewhat a foodie. Though I am still working on my thesis I did publish a medieval cookbook last year – so far only in Swedish.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Johan said

    Daniel! Vad kul att se att du har kommit igång. Jag hoppas att allt går bra.
    vi hörs!

  2. JK said

    Värst vad flitig du är på att skriva Serra.

  3. Thomas DeNoto said

    We visited with you at the Viking village and you were making beer. Can you tell me the recipe for making beer? I have a friend that is a brewer. We really enjoyed our visit with you about 3 weeks ago. By the way how was the beer. I am looking forward to a cook book in English and would like to see the food. Since as we stated we thought that Medival food was quite poor.

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