The experiments of this summer.

April 18, 2011

Slowly the plans for this summer are unfolding themselves, though I am still waiting to hear if I got some money for a few Viking age boiling experiments.

However the theme of this summer will be 15th century manor cuisine as I will be working at Glimmingehus ( where I will be reconstructing recipes from the 15th and 16th century. This will be done in a reconstructed 16th-17th century kitchen

The main plan is to use dutch and german sources from 1450-1550 – mainly Sabina Welserin, but if anyone have a good suggestion I could be looking into that aswell. The cooking will be done infront of the tourists so anyone passing through the manor are welcome to investigate my cooking experiments.


10 Responses to “The experiments of this summer.”

  1. Daniel Schneider said

    Hej Daniel,
    Det låter jätteintressant! Har du sett det har sida om Hollandska medeltids kökböcker?ö

    Laser du tyska? Jag har flera länkar och pdfs av tyska kokböcker från den har tiden om du är intressade av dem….

  2. My friend Katrine has been working on translating some German cookbooks, including one by Anna Wecker, who I believe was the first woman to publish a cookbook. Some of her translations are here

    • eldrimner said

      Interesting, while being published about 100 years after the manor at which I am working was constructed, it as some interesting aspects. Beig written in more of a burger environment it possibly includes a few more everyday recipes. I think it is the third cookbook attributed to a woman, she was preceeded by Philippa Welser and Sabina Welserin.

      • Katherine aka jillwheezul said


        It’s the first -printed/published- cookbook by a woman. Have you been looking at Kuchenmaystery at all?

      • eldrimner said

        Unfortuenatly not, I do not really read any German so I have had to settle with wha translations I can find. Have you done anything from that cookbook? Or is there a transaltion somewhere, it would be very interesting to look through the dishes to atleast get an overview.

  3. Silje said


    Kjempeinteressant å lese bloggen din! Gjør ildeksperimenter selv, men jobber med 60 000 år gamle ildsteder. Lykke til med sommerens prosjekt!

  4. Daniel Schneider said

    Tja, jag har det bara som PDF- jag har helt glömmt varifrån jag laddat det ner.. Vilke är det bäste sättet för att skicka det till dig?

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