Festival and return to reality

August 5, 2010

At the moment the festival is raging by the museum and I am up to my ears in cooking chaos. During the festival and the days of returning home after the festival I’ll not be able to update my blog nor really answer any comments.  I think that my brain will most likely  be returned to me by the 10th of August,  so I’ll get back to any questions after that.

4 Responses to “Festival and return to reality”

  1. have fun! I look forward to seeing more photos and pictures and really hope that I can join in the festivities next year!

  2. Daniel Schneider said

    Good luck with the festival/chaos- hope it’s *enjoyable* chaos, and a safe trip home….

  3. Bjørn Ove Grøtan said

    Thanks for nice talks at the festival, and interesting lectures. Too bad I hadn’t the time to attend the cooking-competition. Looking forward for more blogposts 🙂

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