Smoking – the return

July 31, 2010

Though I am mostly waiting for a good occasion to cut open most of the meats in order to see how the rest of the smoking had gone, I decided to try out a small additional smoking project. When visiting the nearby cheese-farm Aalan, I realised that one of their cheeses, which is a neutral goats cheese, would taste even better with a nice smoked exterior. When mentioning this to the couple who runs the farm, I was promptly given a cheese to try out.

When I returned to the longhouse, I cut a way the wax and placed the cheese in a small linen bag. This bag I hung near the fire, with the hopes once more that it would be enough to impart some flavour and preservation to the cheese.

As the weather turned out to be somewhat better up here, that is no rain and above 12 degrees Celsius, I was prompted to once again move my cooking experiments outside. Though the weather was nice, it was still quite windy and the smoke was almost rolling along the ground, so I tried to hang the bag low in the direction of the wind, although it was admittedly difficult to control.

After a few days cooking the cheese has a dry yellowish outer surface. I’ll probably bring it down to the festival and keep it in the smoke there before tasting it.

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