Old things (Iron Age oven)

July 9, 2010

Just rediscovered a link to an experiment I did a few years back that involved building and cooking in an Iron Age oven.

The link can be found here.

I am afraid though that the report is written in swedish  only.


4 Responses to “Old things (Iron Age oven)”

  1. John K said

    Swedish Only. LOL

  2. eldrimner said

    My bad…meant swedish. Posted that link far to late, sorry.

  3. Thanks a lot for this link! 🙂 Had seen several images of this type of oven from different historical re-enactment centres, some archeological texts etc but not a full document on how to really re-create one.

    I have only seen more modern approaches to it often using bricks in the base or for the opening. Have been having plans on building one like this but wanted to have a bit more documentation on the inner structure. For instance this that they use a twig frame instead of a pile of sand (which some modern versions use) to create the dome is quite interesting.

    • eldrimner said

      The only thing one need to think about is that it is a bit more vulnerable than one made of brick. Rain, winter, kids or animals may help to tear down the oven. The ones we built were put up at a museum and the last time I checked, it was nothing more than a pile of dried clay. Still a bit archaelogical though.

      About the twings, this I am sure is mentioned in the report, but the twigs, or the imprint of them, were actually visible in the burnt pieces of clay found.

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