Beer II

July 6, 2010

Traditionally, one has often tried to make the most of the malt even after one has made a batch of wort. In some descriptions the beer of lowest value is the one made by pouring hot water over the malt in order to get the remaining sugar to wash out. I’ll be no more wasteful and try to do the same myself. Rather than pouring hot water over the malt I threw about half a jug into a cauldron of two jugs of water which I then started boiling. The rather heavy winds made the fire quite hot and the cauldron was soon boiling.

Not being used to the less sweet wort I think I must have left the cauldron boiling to long, as I ended up with a rather sweet wort, but no more than half a jug, so not really a good exchange. On the other hand I would have said that it was almost as sweet as the earlier batch, using the very in scientific method of trying to compare tastes from memory.

Nevertheless the wort was sticky and just as difficult to sieve, I was considering some alternative methods – like making a small basket of crowberry twigs, and filling it with leaves and malt – but neither seemed to offer a really good option.

This batch was then also left to ferment with no additions.


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