Smoking – yet again

July 1, 2010

The smoked tongue

The first cut

The second cut -or the great rot

Though I was hoping that I should be able to smoke the meat, regardless if I added salt or not, I must admit that the conditions has not been the best for smoking. For some time I could not use the fire which may have influenced the larger previous untreated meat. Some signs seemed to indicate that the tongue which I hanged a few weeks earlier were not curing properly. Although stiff and hard at the tip the base were suspiciously soft, feeling as if there was some kind of cavity in the middle of the tongue.

The tongue was taken down and though no real smell emanated from it I decided to cut it open and discard it if unfit.

The first cut was made about halfway up the tongue, here the meat was dark red and firm when cut, though an ominous smell seemed seep through the meat, an undistinguishable sour odour could be detected when I studied the cut a bit closer.

The second cut was made across the root of the tongue. At first it was quite hard and leathery but as one cut through that part the knife went through the meat. However, it was quite obvious that something was not right through a either a brief ocular and olfactory analyses. While the outer pars of the meat was dark red and quite hard, the middle was greyish and porous. The smell was also indicating that the meat had started to decay.

It is possible that the meat by the root of the tongue was far to thick and bloodfilled when hung and that it would that way start rotting before the outer parts were solid enough to disallow for such a process, though the texture of the tongue seemed to have indicated that it should have been to solid to be affected by the air. Perhaps the hook on which the meat was hung were the weak point allowing air to enter the the meat before it got sealed by smoke and dried meat.


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