Salt recovery -some results

June 22, 2010

After the previous attempt at recovering salt I ended up with salt that had the touch and feel of old beach sand, so in order to dry it I hung it up above the hearth. After letting it spend a few days there I hoped that it would be dry enough to be measured with out to many errors.

In the first batch of brine, which was a bit to much considering the amount of meat put in, I measured that we had used approximately 1,5 kg of salt. Now that I measured the remaining salt I found the weight to be 1,15 kg, considering the linen bag, the rust and that it possibly still contained some water I would say that I managed to recover about 1 kg or 2/3 of the original amount.

While not an excellent amount, still some could probably be recovered if the meat is soaked before cooking. And it would at least allow for a somewhat more economic use of salt.


One Response to “Salt recovery -some results”

  1. Linda said

    I am very interested in salt, ways of using it and local (if any) salt production (no, not for textiles). Do you know of any other salt experiments? Keep on your good work!

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