Reusing salt

June 21, 2010

Due to the rather unlucky choice of using an iron cauldron for salt extraction, and then having the cauldron left outside, made the resulting extracted salt turn out somewhat impure to say the least. The resulting salt was somewhat greyish, looking and feeling almost like wet sand. As I today hanged the remaining tongues to be smoked, I had a new opportunity to extract salt from old brine.

This time I chose a smaller stone vessel that had a rather wide brim in order to get the best exchange, adding just some brine at the time in order to get a nicer and clearer resulting brine. As I was trying to cook it using this method I soon realised that while it worked well in order to get most of the salt gathered at the bottom of the pot it was not the best method for separating the proteins from the salt, Though I managed to skim of some of the proteins, it was soon containing quite abit of the salt I tried to save. Due to the mixture of salt and proteins, the liquid was also prone to form bubbles that would almost cause it to boil over the rim.

Recovering salt in a smaller vessel

The final salty moonscape


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