June 18, 2010

Since no mortars have been found from the time , I am at least looking for something that could have been used as a pestle. From the size of a pestle used to grind vegetables and crush mustard seeds to a larger pestle used to crush grains and malt.


4 Responses to “Mortars”

  1. Niklas Johansson said

    Nåt kanonkuleliknande á la skånsk senapstillverkning? Kanske är för lätt om det inte är metall..

    • eldrimner said

      I think the cannonball pestle made of stone should work, atleast when in comes to seeds such as mustard and when grinding vegetables. In ancient rome (or rather roman britain) some stone pestles for grinding vegetables has survived, and there is something that possibly could be considered the same thing in a viking age context in russia

  2. I think wooden pounders would be fine for the task. Nice to see someone thinking about crushing grain and malt. I have been having problems making comments on your blog, Daniel.

    • eldrimner said

      Wooden pounders is what I am thinking about as well, though I am wodering if we have any surviving examples from the time. Large wooden punders would probably be quite allright for the task. While the quern is not very well suited for cushing malt, I’ll have to try it for salt. In some of the sagas mythical querns are connected with the creation of salt.

      Merryn, I noticed yesterday that your comments was marked as spam. That should be solved now though, not sure what else might be causing problems.

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