Malt I

June 16, 2010

A rather easy way to explore the sweetness of malt is to just turn them into a rather simple snack. Malt is in itself rather tasty and somewhat sweet, however the rather hard chaffs makes them less likeable for human consumption. One of the easiest way to turn any seed into a chewable snack is by roasting them slightly, for instance this is a way to treat the corns of maize, i.e. popcorn. By treating the malt in a similar manner one would get away with some of the less desired properties of the chaff.

In order to pop the malt, I places a handful of grains on one of the fryingpans. This proved to be one of the obstacles, as the Viking Age pan only has a nominal brim, which will not help keeping the grains in the pan, so only a handful could be roasted at one time. The other problem was that they will burn quite quickly so it needs to be monitored closely.

Disregarding those problems, however, the method worked perfectly, and some of the malt even jumped around just like popcorn is popping. The resulting browned malt, was sweetish and did have some of the taste that we associate with snacks.


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