Meals & dishes III

May 31, 2010

As some finds indicate that peas may have been used within the Scandinavian peninsula during the Viking age – e.g. breads near Birka and similar finds – I decided to attempt to do a kind of pea soup as mentioned in Anglo Saxon sources. Although no description of how it was made survives, I chose to get some inspiration from a handful of medieval recipes. However, according to those the peas were supposed to be mashed through a sieve and lacking such an instrument made me skip that step.

After soaking the peas for the night I cooked them quite thoroughly until they were soft enough to be crushed by a spoon. I then took them out in order to mash them, returned them to the pot and added, some local chives (again this variety of onion my be difficult to date back to the Viking age), and some stock, and let it boil for quite some time. It turned out quite well, though looking rather like the ordinary Scandinavian pea soup. However looking closer at the medieval recipes made me realise that I perhaps should have poured of the liquid from the peas for use with some other dishes.

Interestingly enough for this area, peas where sometimes mentioned as the proper companion to Graspois, or salted whale. Would be an interesting combination to try out.


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