Marrow – final attempt

May 30, 2010

The hole on the side of the marrow-bone

The hole drilled at the short end

Based on the pictures seen in the article mentioned in my former marrow post, I decided to give the approach to boil the marrowbones another try. In this attempt I boiled and simmered the bones together with some of the meat that I cut from the bones for quite a while, in order to cook a meaty stock. As I was aimed at making stock the bones were put into the pot which was filled with cold water. After cooking the bones for well over two hours I took a bone from the pot, and started drilling using one of the smaller drills from the Mästermyr-finds. It was surprisingly easy to drill through the bones. Possibly the bones had lost enough collagen to make them easier to penetrate.

With two holes in the bone the question remained of the most efficient way of extracting the marrow. Although some kind of tool could have been used to scope out the marrow, or it could have been sucked from the bone, the most optimal way seemed to be to simply blow through the hole on the side aiming the other hole towards a bowl in which to collect the marrow. Although it was in no way conclusive that this would be the method used in the Faeroe islands, I find it quite plausible that the bones were drilled in order to extract marrow.


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