Meals & dishes I

May 29, 2010

The first meal cooked as part of the experiment can really be seen as an attempt to recreate the poor thralls meal as mentioned in the first stanzas in Rigstula. In this poem Heimdal is visiting the earth and sort of populates it by spending an evening and night with family of different classes. On the first day he visits the family of the thrall and is offered a coarse bread with chaffs and some broth of beef. As I was testing to cook bread on stones or directly in the embers I found this an excellent opportunity to recreate the thralls dinner. For the bread I chose a mixture of barley and linseeds, which gave the bread a certain taste and fullness. The broth or rather stock was based on some salted meat that I had to boil the other day. While rather simple it did turn out to be an acceptable lunch, well if one disregard the lack of ale or other drinks.


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