Smoking IV

May 25, 2010

The backside of the tongue

As I arrived to the hall I noticed that the tongue that we had hung up looked somewhat off, the More of the surface of the tongue

The tongue, the upper part

meaty part behind the tongue being almost blackish red, as if the blood had settled. For a moment I also thought that I could feel a subtle rancid smell, so I decided to take down the tongue. The side of lamb still looked quite ok, so I kept that up in the smoke. However, as I took down the tongue I noticed that I could not feel the expected smell of it. As we studied it closer, it was noted that the outer texture had an almost rubbery feel to it. In no place could one feel the sliminess that was to be expected if the meat had started to deteriorate. The conclusion draw was that the smoke had started to dry the outer layers of the meat to an extent that it would not start to rot. The subtle smell I could feel when entering the hall was presumably just a question of me being unused to the dried cod at my work place. The tongue was therefore hung up again with a hope that te smoke would dry it even further.


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