Smoking III

May 23, 2010

Due to the almost blood red colour of the brine in which the tongues were lying I felt that it should perhaps be changed . As I had to take out the tongues in order to refill the vat with new brine I chose to treat them a bit more according to the recipe in the Welserin cookbook. In order to gie them a somewhat slimmer shape and following the instructions in the recipes any meat hanging on to the tongue was cut away. It may have been this part that coloured the brine quite ruddy. As another step, though I must admit that this was done a bit haphazardly, I beat the tongues using a wooden log and an axe. This had them lose even more blood. (observation: The small “cutting board” seems to work excellent as a miniature abattoir, all the blood from the tongues seem to gather in the small channel running around the board and gather in a small basin in the corner. – Need to check of what it is a replica.) After their beating they were placed back in the newly mixed brine, and made sure to stay under the surface with two logs and a large stone. I am not adding the red beet, peas and vinegar in this part of the experiment though, as that would be turning them into renaissance tongues.

I will admit to having used a modern measuring technique here, the way of telling if the brine was salty enough was to see if a potato would float in it, according to the butcher.

At the end of the day I noticed that the tongue seemed a bit off…it should be taken down at my next cooking session.

Three slightly vampiric tongues awaiting their fate.

Beating the tongue.


2 Responses to “Smoking III”

  1. Niklas Johansson said

    Jag har för mig att jag har sett förslag på ägg, snarare än potatis, om du vill ha en mer autentisk metod. Kan kolla upp det vid tillfälle.

  2. eldrimner said

    Det låter ju som ett bra alternativ…hade varit bra med en något mer passande metod.

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