Baking II

May 23, 2010

The pea flour was mixed with the barely flour and water in order to produce a dough that could be fried on the frying irons. However, I would consider it somewhat doubtful that they were used in everyday breadmaking, but since they are easy enough to use some bread were made using them. Although a bit more water gave the breads a nicer shape it was also noticed that the flattened bread then were more prone to stick to the pans then if it was dryer and thus sort of out of shape. Some more experiment with combinations of different ingredients should perhaps be done, it is possible that the addition of flax seeds may add some fat to the bread and make it less prone to stick to the pan. (I really should take another look at “On plantfood”)

The next part of this subproject will be to bake the bread on a hot stone


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