May 20, 2010


Inspired by an Italian barley soup, I planned on make something similar, based on the notion that Lofoten was not to rich in cereal growth during the Viking age – which at the moment seems a bit strange as the house I live here in is surrounded by newly manured fields.

The original recipe would require the soup to be boiled for about for four hours, with a some addition of cheese and eggs at the end. The rather long cooking time suited todays mission nicely as the aim of the day was to make an attempt to keep the kettle simmering for about three – four hours in order to better learn what I would consider one of the more important parts of Viking age cuisine, that is the long slow cooking session.

I built a rather good fire, and filled the soapstone vessel with about half a bucket (2-3 litres)

10:13 Start

10:22 boiling

At this point I added about two handfuls of barely, and allowed for the water to simmer away

I had, however, to add water as the day passed along as it would have cooked dry other wise.

The end result was very much a porridge in texture, and should probably have been given some taste by using herbs or some cheese or other dairy product.


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