Day V

May 18, 2010

The backlog continues … I’ll catch up in a day or two.

Some more attempts at controlling the temperature using firewood of various sizes, can a larger log maintain the liquid simmering after I’ve reached the boil – freeing me of the constant feeding of the fire. Today I am just cleaning the soapstone vessel by boiling water in it

10:49 The soapstone vessel is placed over the fire

10:57 The water starts to simmer

11:10 continued simmering…

11:14 the simmering is at a minium, hopefully enough to cook porridge though

adding more firewood in rather small pieces

11:21 it is boiling

11:44 I wrote something illegible in my notebook … (note to self I need to try to be a bit more clearer in what I write down, especially since the note book is smudged with soot and dirt and there is a delay in getting it to the computer)

*** observations***

The reduction of the liquid is reasonable, not the same drastic reduction as I could observe in the metal cauldron.

By chagning the size of the firewood some control of both smoke and temperature can be maintained. Need to explore the use of larger logs for simmering a bit more. Can I use them without getting to much smoke from them.


2 Responses to “Day V”

  1. Erik Johansson said

    Hej Daniel. På tal om skålar: de jag har hittat kommer som sagt från York, men vet du om det finns träskålsfynd från Norge? Har inte hunnit sätta mig in i den norska vikingatidsforskningen än.

    Förövrigt gjorde jag min första skål i söndags på svarven, dock i fel träslag, men nu vet jag iaf att det går. Uppdatering kommer angående repliker!
    Mvh / Erik

    • eldrimner said

      Ska kolla lite hur det står till med fynden härifrån, möjligen att det finns något i materialet kring osebergs skeppet eller gokstadsskeppet.

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