day III

May 16, 2010

Two vessels hanging over the fire; both the metal cauldron and the soapstone vessel are used in this trial

The experiment is started with the larger cauldron

The cauldron is filled with two buckets of water (=~12 litres)

The fire is lit underneath and which takes some time to start due to the storng winds, but once started it burned quite heavily. Into the cauldron were added three rather large bones of lamb

11:19 The fire was burning vigorously

11:32 Some steam was forming on the surface of the water, somewhat warmer than luke warm

11:55 The steam is quite thick and the water is hot to the touch

12:07 The water is starting to make some fizzing noises

12:14 Fat from the lambbones is starting to form on the surface

12:54 Bubbles are starting to form and the water is simmering

13:12 a vigorous boil

13:25 The soapstone vessel was used for boiling porridge..

The porridge was more or less finished by 14.00

Due to the stock being cooked in the metal cauldron the barley was nearly blue. While the stock of the lambbones did produce some fat it did not have much taste. In order to give the barely some more taste I added some butter before eating it.

While cooking the barely I placed a swede in the the embers to have it cook slowly in there. I would have preferred to use a turnip, but due to the lack of such vegetables a swede had to do. The swede was unfortunately rather large weighing just above 1 kg, which would make the baking time a bit to long. The size of the swede made it difficult to make cover it completely and while I turned the vegetable, it was never really cooked all way through. After lying in the ashes and ember for a while a sweet smell of cooked swede was starting to spread. The swede were extracted from the hearth but proved to be uncooked in the centre. The cooked parts, however, were quite tasty when served with some butter.


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