Day I

May 15, 2010

Observations day 1

First attempt at boiling

Boiling – using a large metal cauldron vs. a smaller soapstone vessel

The metal cauldron was hung up over the fire while the soapstone vessel was planned to be heated using the residual heat from the cauldron.

For this experiment, 4 litres of water was used in the metal cauldron

The cauldron is hung from the lowest link of the chain.

10:22 the cauldron was placed over the fire

10:33 some fizzing and steam

10:44 small bubbles appeared

11.06 it was now boiling

Time spent 56 min.

Observation: it might be a good idea to feed the fire with smaller pieces of fire wood when it has gotten to the point of simmering, so that one could speed up the push towards boiling

Next try was placed 2 links up on the largest kettlechain. At the start the cauldron was somewhat warm

11:40 Commencing the attempt

11:51 some light steeam

12:01 some fizzing noises

12:24 more fizzing noises

12:59 small bubbles is forming around the rim

13:03 heavy simering

13:04 The water is boiling

Tme spent 1 h 24 min

Possible distractions; A class of young students was present, so the fire was difficult to maintain properly

Soapstonevessel on the side of the fire using only embers

filled with 4 litres of water

13:06 start

13:34 some steam

14:06 a slight fizzing sound

14:10 small bubbles at the rim of the vessel

14:38 the attempt is abondoned

Time spent 1h 32 min

By the end of the attempt the embers had started to fade due to a lengthy conversation with the observing tourists

Observation; it was however difficut to maintain enough embers around the whole vessel – the lack of proper implements to move the embers made the process more difficult. Some problem may be due to the fact that I started with cold water – if the soapstone vessel was used in

Two possibilities; I could either build a fire around the pot with finely cut firewoods or make sure that only aktive embers lies around the pot.

The trial of tomorrow

Boil a larger amount of water (10 litres in the big cauldron)

At the same time keep the soapstone vessel hot with embers and the heat from the main fire.

As the water is boiling it is moved from the larger vessel to the smaller.

Hypothesis When cooking by a hearth it might have been practical to have a larger cauldron in which water or stock was boiling (Perhaps something to think about when composing a complete menu

If time and resources allow… I’ll cook some bones in the cauldron and crushed barley in the soapstone vessel.


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